In Tsarabanjina, luxury is just at your hand and right at your feet. This beautiful small tropical island is an ideal place of deep-sea diving.

This private and closed tiny island is in the northern area of Nosy Be. It belongs to the Mitsio archipelago which is made up in addition to five other islands to be known Great Mitsio, Nosy Lava, Nosy Ankarea, the Four brothers and the Bench of the Beaver (further west of Great Mitsio).


Here everything seems calm and time seems to stop…the only sound you can hear is the sound of the crumpling of the waves and the humming of few passing motor boats.

Tsarabanjina is covered with luxuriant forests dominated by the satrana, palm trees shaped as fan, limited by white sandy beaches before giving the place to the turquoise seawater which shelters within its inner part a very rich and natural underwater vegetation reefs fauna. This island is regarded as the most beautiful of the islands which form the archipelago of Mitsio. To spend a few days in this paradisical island, you do not have any choice but to remain in its splendid hotel. This one offers the luxury to the highest level; a luxury which is seldom found in Madagascar. Several American or French showbiz stars have already been there to benefit from a good tropical sun.

If you want to be more active, you still have a broad choice of available activity such as the water skiing, snorkeling, diving, and boat trip to join all the other islands forming Mitsio and guided excursion on the other islands, like Ankarea, which offers splendid sights on the archipelago. This one also gives the opportunity to view the “Ankoay “- the Madagascar fish eagle, one of the rarest birds of the world. For those who prefer to observe underwater fauna starting from surface, they can practice snorkelling but it is better to know that the Mitsio archipelago is the ideal for deep sea diving. This archipelago, have acquired the name of divers paradise. It is not by chance that it is called so because it offers very rich corals (soft and hard) with multicoloured fish and shells species…

To sum up, Mitsio comprise fabulous sea-beds with benches of barracudas, carangues, mantas, sharks whales, groupers, fusiliers, trigger fishes, tortoises, Napoleon fish, etc… Not far from Tsarabanjina, more precisely in the North-West, one finds the Four Brothers islands, made up of very typical monoliths. It woke up the curiosity of all those who already passed there. Lastly, the luxury of its nature, the wild beauty of the site, the serenity and the quietness in this isolated island offer the idyllic place for a honeymoon. It is sure that a honeymoon at this place will forever remain engraved in the lover hearts.