The name of the city comes from the contraction of the Malagasy words “Any sira Be” which simply means where there is much salt. Salt in question comes from the presence of minerals in thermal spring waters, which are numerous in Antsirabe.

La Rose des Vents:
Discover the charm of this guest- house and the comfort it offers.
This hotel helps you fully enjoy the calmness and harmony of the city of Antsirabe.

La Residence Camélia:
An enchanting environment, which aims at making your comfort its priority. La residence Camelia keeps a unique and special atmosphere just for you!

Vatolahy Hotel:
Located close to the center of the city of Antsirabe, this hotel was built following the traditional Vakinakaratra architecture. Their restaurant offers you the opportunity to taste their local specialties.

Villa Nirina:
A warm welcome awaits you in this charming guest- house. It offers affordable, quiet and well-ventilated rooms.

Green Park Hotel:
It is an ideal place to enjoy a time of relaxation. It has nice bungalows and a very beautiful garden.