Antananarivo is the capital of Madagascar. It is also known as the capital of king Andrianampoinimerina (1785 - 1810) built at the site of Analamanga, fortified village which he had just conquered. The city had been equipped towards 1780 with a garrison with a thousand men and had been renamed “the city of the thousand”, literal meaning of the current name: Antananarivo. Today, it is familiarly called “Tana”.

The Colbert Hotel:
With more than 75 years of history, this hotel, located in the very heart of the business district, offers high quality service, a unique blend of French tradition and Malagasy hospitality.

Le Louvre Hotel & Spa:
Listed among the most prestigious hotels in the Capital, Antananarivo, Le Louvre Hotel is located near the main shops, banks and administrative buildings of the capital. It offers a refined cuisine that combines European and Islands flavors.

Tamboho Hotel:
A haven of peace and quiet just a few minutes from the busy city center. Tamboho hotel offers a unique mix of traditional Malagasy architecture and Western comfort. It is surrounded by rice fields on one side and by numerous other businesses on the other side.

Les 3 Métis:
Located in the heart of the “City of the thousand soldiers”, this cozy guest-house, respecting the Malagasy architectural art, provides a warm welcome to everyone and a memorable hospitality.

Vahiny Hotel:
Ideal for those who simply want a change of scenery without leaving the big city. It offers all of the qualities required to fit in the metropolitan atmosphere of the capital.