Southern discovery


› Vegetable gardens and terraced rice fields at the beginning

› The dryer area with its rock formations in particular the “Isalo massif formation”

› The arid southern climate and spiny bush vegetation

› Several ethnic groups along the way

› The Fauna and Flora in National park ( Ranomafana and Andringitra)

This journey which start from Antananarivo will take you down to the southern tip of the island to the city of Tuléar all along the National Highway 7 . You will drive through typical highland villages surrounded by vegetable gardens and terraced rice fields at the beginning. Then you will explore the rainforest of Ranomafana national park. Next, hiking the spectaculor Andringitra massif. Later on you will reach the dryer area with its rock formations in particular the "isalo massif formation" to end down to the arid southern climate and spiny bush vegetation . The journey may end at the village of Ifaty, north of Tuléar where you can enjoy the beach and shore excursion around the coral reef. Visits will include different local crafts workshops. You will meet several ethnic groups along the way and will learn more about their different customs.

Drive across the highlands through a beautiful landscape with rice fields and eroded hills. Stop at Antsirabe to visit of different crafts workshops : stonecutters, zebu horn products, and lunch…have an insight into the working and Malagasy daily life.
Continue on to Ambositra, the center of Madagascar woodcarving industry before reaching Ranomafana, named after the natural hot source.. Accomodation in hotel

Visit of Ranomafana National Park with local guide. Time to enjoy the forest walk and to spot the different lemur, birds and reptile species along the different forest trails. Accomodation in hotel

Morning to be spent in the reserve followed by an afternoon drive to Ambalavao where the special Antemoro paper is also made. A short stop at Fianarantsoa, the capital of the Betsileo clan. Accomodation in hotel

Day incursion in the Andringitra massif where lies the second highest mountain of Madagascar. With its 2658m peak .The hikes will take places in valleys and some rock formations which characterize the massif. Camping ( materials, meals, guide, porterage, park entrance fees provided)

Back to hotel

After breakfast continuation to the massif of Isalo. We leave the terraced rice fields and Rocky Mountains to enter in the dry landscape of the south.

With local guides, explore the Isalo National park. Day to enjoy walks through this eroded Sandstone Mountain which gives different images like crocodiles, tortoise, a queen… before reaching the “natural swimming pool”. Along the trekking, see the pachypodium elephant foot, a native and endemic species of Aloe in Isalo, lemurs as sifaka, brown lemurs and ring tailed lemurs, birds, lizards and sometimes snakes.

This last part of the drive before reaching Tulear will take you through different scenery along the way with the baobabs, colorful tombs, and new villages born after a sapphires discovery in Ilakaka.

to Ifaty, Anakao, Fort dauphin