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Madagascar Tours and Travel Company is happy to offer wide range of services for those who wish to visit Madagascar and to ease you prepare the trip.

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We specialize in facilitating personalized, individual and group tours guaranteed to help visitors discover the beauty of Madagascar as a whole, not only the flora and fauna but also the captivating and rich culture of its people. Our team consists of Malagasy experienced specialists in the various aspects of planning and organizing trips all over the country, and over years of experience we have decided to put our knowledge together to offer refined programs to be more flexible and customer oriented.
With the internet as a tool, we want to make the destination closer to everyone whom we invite to reach us just within a click.

So whether you are looking for private or group options, no matter your budget and how much time you have, we are sure to have something that will be suitable for you. Please send us an email and tell us about your interests, and we will get back to you with your itinerary within the next few days.